While working on a kitchen renovation for another client, I met this gentleman and was invited to meet his wife and see their beautiful home in the Fan district. They indicated that several rooms in their home were in need of updates. The kitchen was our starting point, where we removed the old, linoleum flooring, cabinetry, and countertops and replaced them with new hardwood flooring, natural wood cabinetry and granite countertops. We made the island countertop metal to add an interesting and unusual focal point in the space. It was a great element to join with the natural wood and granite. In the sitting area of the kitchen, we added a banquette for family dinners and new swivel chairs for TV viewing. The fireplace became the focal point of the sitting area, so above the mantle, we added a beautiful portrait found in their storage. It added a layer of personal charm when paired with the family's memorabilia, and continued the warmth that was present throughout this home. We added new wallpaper to the dining room and powder room, along with updating the den with a fresh coat of paint and rearranging and recovering the furniture. The wife's warmth and hospitality and updated perspective was the source of inspiration for their home renovation, which now more accurately represents the character of the home and its inhabitants.