After being asked to complete the design and renovation of this small master bathroom for a young couple in Glen Allen, we discussed what their goals and needs were for this space. One of their biggest concerns was the budget as they did not want to break the bank constructing an entirely new space. Wherever possible, we tried to incorporate the existing structures, including existing tile and toilet to create a fresh design. It was a challenge to make each little change go the extra mile in completing the new look.The client’s other main concern was functionality. They wanted a space that they could use, not just admire.  So we focused on finding things that would make the space easy and enjoyable to live in. Keeping the existing layout, we maximized the look and feel of the space by choosing fixtures that not only looked good, but would also survive the wear and tear of everyday life. The final request was that we incorporate blue tones, which the client loved. As such, we had to assemble a room that was not overly expensive to renovate, could be functional and livable, and would work well with a soothing set of blues. The final design resulted in a cool, relaxing place for the client to enjoy spending time in. This accomplished all the wants and needs they requested.